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Injury Rehab

Whether it’s a sporting injury, work related, or an injury you’ve picked up elsewhere, our physiotherapy and exercise physiology programs will support you as you undertake the rehabilitation process.

Rehab Program

We offer individualised programs devised to aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of your injury, including ACL injuries. Our supportive environment, where specialists are always on hand to answer your questions, means that when you rehab at AAC you have support at every stage of the journey.


Our in-house physiotherapists work with our exercise physiologists and allied health professionals to provide holistic support throughout your entire rehab journey. Your treatment is strategically coordinated, and tailored to your goals so you get the best outcome possible.

Get Back To Your Best Quicker

With a full range of in-house injury rehab services all under one roof, you will benefit from a comprehensive approach that is based on communication and collaboration, and which informs your training at every stage so that you’re back on the field as soon as possible.

Don't Rehab on Your Own

Recovering from a long-term injury can be a scary and solitary experience, but at AAC you can undertake your journey with other athletes and a full support team behind you, from day 1 of your injury all the way to when you’re back playing.

Return to Work

We offer multiple NDIS services, and provide rehab designed to help you return to work after injury. This includes support for people with musculoskeletal and neural injuries, as well as individuals with a range of special needs.


Physiotherapy Pricing


Initial Consult
Standard Consult
Extended Consult


  • Unlimited Gym Access
  • Unlimited Rehab Group Sessions
  • Individualised Program
  • Unlimited Recovery
  • Physio Included

Our Physiotherapists

Nelson Cheong


Weightlifting, Badminton, Dodgeball


  • Bachelor of Health Science (Anatomy and Physiology Major) - La Trobe University
  • Master of Physiotherapy Practice - La Trobe University
  • Level 1 S&C Coach - ASCA
  • Trigger Point Dry Needling - GEMt
  • Temporomandibular Disorders - Dr. Guy Zito

“Prevention is better than cure”

Nelson is a big advocate in taking an active approach to rehabilitation and believes that strength and conditioning is key to minimising risk of injury. Nelson brings a wealth of knowledge to the team and has worked with local, national and international level athletes across a variety of sports including players within the Victorian Football League, the National Premier Leagues and the Australian Dodgeball National team.

Having completed his Physiotherapy education in Victoria and his Strength and Conditioning Coaching qualifications in South Australia, Nelson is passionate about helping people recover from injuries and has a keen interest in overhead athletes and combat sports - he has a commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest research and techniques to ensure the best possible outcomes for his patients.

Bradley Andrew


Golf, Running
Single Leg RDL


  • Bachelor of Human Movement (Exercise and Sport Science) - University of South Australia, 2017
  • Master of Physiotherapy (Graduate Entry) - University of South Australia, 2019
  • Master of Sports and Exercise Physiotherapy – LaTrobe University, 2023
  • Dry Needling Level 1

Brad’s passion for sports physiotherapy is palpable, and his experience reflects this commitment. He has special interest and experience in several key areas, including:

  • Athletic Groin Pain
  • ACL Rehabilitation
  • Lumbar Spine Injuries
  • Shoulder and Elbow Injuries in Throwing/Overhead Athletes

Brad also currently serves as a Pathways Physiotherapist at the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA). He works closely with U19 and U17 male and female pathway squads, and provides additional senior coverage for the Redbacks, 2nd XI, and Scorpions squads.

Brad is a dynamic and dedicated Physiotherapist, constantly expanding his knowledge and expertise to provide the best care for athletes. With an impressive academic background, extensive experience in elite sports, and a keen interest in sports physiotherapy, he enjoys working with athletes to help them return to their best and achieve their sporting goals.


I started working with Jazz at AAC after my 2022 season and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my performance. The coaching and support from Jazz has helped me improve physically and propelled my game to the next level.

Jack O’LoughlinTeam Australia Pitcher

I dreaded going to the gym. However, since starting at AAC, Jazz has provided me with a personalised training program to achieve my goals and has made me enjoy going to the gym each day. This is a big testament to his desire and work ethic to get the best out of each athlete. I have learnt so much and feel the fittest and strongest I have been in my playing career. I’m grateful for the AAC team and look forward to continue working with them throughout the baseball season. I would encourage any athlete to join!

Jordan McArdleAdelaide Giants Captain

AAC is different to “typical” gyms. Before starting here, my workouts didn’t have structure and I was plateauing in the gym. The Coaches at AAC designed a program that was specific to my sport which regularly updated as I developed and the on-site physiotherapists were able to address any injuries immediately so I didn’t lose out on any training.

Carly MooreTeam Australia Catcher

5' 22" 10' 64"

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What sports injuries do you treat?

The AAC team of physiotherapsits, exercise physiologists and coaches have extensive experience of working with athletes in almost every category of sport — which also means we are able to help provide rehab services for most, if not all sporting injuries.

What separates our injury rehab programs from the rest?

Our injury rehabilitation programs are designed to guide athletes from day 1 of their rehab right through to their return to sport. In addition, we design a program to help prevent an athlete from losing all of their conditioning, speed and strength during the recovery process. This means they get back to peak performance quicker, as well as reducing the risk of further injury.

What recovery services do you offer?

Normatec compression therapy, massage guns, and ice bath access are all included in select membership tiers. Our physiotherapists also offer dry needling and manual therapy treatments to help keep you fit and recover from training faster.

Do you only treat sports injuries?

Although we are a high performance centre catering to the needs of elite and semi-pro athletes and sporting teams at the highest levels, we are always happy to work with anyone who has suffered an injury and requires rehabilitation to get back to full health and fitness.

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Google Rating
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