Episode #21 Alex Hoskin - Higher Ground Performance

From a 5 year block in the military, to completing his Masters of S&C, a career at Flinders Uni and finally establishing his own Online training brand, Alex has done it all! Miki and Adam discuss all that and more with Alex on Episode #21 of the Australian Athletic Podcast.

Episode #20 Miki Trbovic

Roles are reversed as AAC Coach, Daniel Milovanovic, asks AAC Director, Miki Trbovic, the story behind AAC. Where did it start? Where is AAC going? Find out on Episode #20 of the Australian Athletic Podcast.

Episode #19 Victor Thach

Head of PerformEx and AAC original, Victor Thach, joins us on the Australian Athletic Podcast. We discuss his road from Uni, to Clinical Practice and High Performance. Coach, Athlete, Crypto King… whatever title you give him, Victor has a wealth of experience and he shares that today! Tune in.

Episode #18 Cliff Mania - Player Performance Project

We are joined by Head of Performance at Player Performance Project, Cliff Mania. Having experienced football in the NPL, at College level in the US and now intergrating S&C to football clubs across South Australia, Cliff discusses what separates the players that "make it" and those who don't as well as the challenges of coping with a potentially life threatening medical condition as he pursues his career athletically.

Episode #17 Anthony Wilson - Footy, Business & Community

We are joined by former AFL and SANFL player, Anthony Wilson. Having vast experience of elite level footy, Anthony has used his notoriety to help various First Nation youth programs across Australia. Now as the Co-Founder of Nood Australia, Anthony continues to create a significant positive impact environmentally, socially and economically to communities Australia wide. He has an array of knowledge and today he shares his story on the Australian Athletic Podcast.

Episode #16 Social Media & S&C - The good, the bad and the ugly

Miki and Adam discuss the positive, negative and downright stupid content seen on various social media platforms. What content should you be following? What content should you ignore? How can you be a better person on social media? Tune in and find out!

Episode #15 Ben Ferrauto - Puzzles Strength and Conditioning

It's been a minute but today we are joined by our friend, who is self-proclaimed in the top 10% of best blokes going around, Ben Ferrauto. Owner of Puzzles Strength and Conditioning, Ben discusses his journey into helping individuals with special needs through exercise and physiotherapy. Certainly a unique path to most and Ben gives us insights to turning a passion into a successful career so be sure to tune in!

Episode #14 Christian Woodford

The man, the myth, the one that kick started a voice for S&C in Australia joins us on the Australian Athletic Podcast. Christian paved the way for many of today's S&C Coaches by establishing a presence for the private sector. Opinionated, loud, arrogant… call him what you want. The man has a wealth of knowledge so start taking notes.

Episode #13 Nathan Parnham - The Sporting Parent

Today we are joined by Nathan Parnham, author of ‘The Sporting Parent.’ Nathan is the Head of S&C at Brisbane Grammar School and has a wealth of experience implementing successful long term athletic development programs for youth athletes of various sporting backgrounds. Nathan shares his journey and provides valuable advice for parents and/or coaches to utilise in creating a successful pathway for any youth athlete.

Episode #12 Port’s Preliminary Performance, NFL & ACL’s and more

What a week in sport! Miki, Adam, Jazz, Reece and Victor discuss the headlines in the week that was on and off the field in the world of sport.

Episode #11 Taylor Bednarz - Fighting to Compete

Long time AAC Athlete, Taylor Bednarz, speaks about his journey from team sports as a junior, to combat sport and finally entering a career in personal training. This young man has a wealth of experience preparing and competing in many disciplines inside and outside of the cage. For all wondering what dedication looks like in practice this is one you’ll want to listen in on.

Episode #10 Daniel Kirk - SANFL, Para-Athlete and NEXA

Former SANFL player, Para-Athlete, S&C Coach, Mentor and aspiring politician Daniel Kirk joins us on today’s podcast. His resume says enough but we’re privileged to have Daniel speak about the progression of his athletic and professional careers. Additionally, he gives us an insight on how he manages to balance family life with an ever growing local business, NEXA Sports Performance.